A.E.H.M is a non-profit organization that strives to play its role in elevating human condition. The A.E.H.M members’ first project was intended for Romania’s prisoners. The next project will focus on the children from orphanages.
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In 2016, a Romanian-American multidisciplinary team of specialists from A.E.H.M created the audio program “A Better Life” specifically for prison inmates.
The audio program’s title: A Better Life
Motto: The liberation from the prison of negative thoughts leads to true freedom.
The description of the program:
The program promotes an activity plan based on a series of audio recordings of guided meditation and personal development techniques, which aim to relax the body and calm the mind to release stress, body tension, to improve the quality of sleep and to create an atmosphere of harmony, cooperation and positivity in the mind, for the purpose of achieving emotional balance and an intelligent, non-violent, cooperative and beneficial behavior.
“A Better Life” program uses guided meditation techniques, guided imagery and motivational, encouraging, positive suggestions to create a cooperative relationship with self, cooperative relationships with others, as well as for self-forgiveness, self-confidence and self-respect.
The techniques used by this program help the brain form new neuronal pathways of thinking for a healthy, intelligent, rational, drama-free and solution-oriented mindset. These techniques also help reduce the production of stress hormones and provide a state of balance at the mental, emotional and physical level.
 The project’s goal
The “A Better Life” program aims to help the prison inmates adopt a balanced, decent, constructive, cooperative and non-violent mental and emotional attitude. The program is designed to support the inmates in adopting a cooperative attitude during their sentence, offering them the opportunity to work on themselves, to come to terms with the reasons why they were imprisoned, to learn from their experience and to form a healthy and beneficial way of thinking.
The project’s objectives
The project has the following objectives:
  • Promoting among the inmates the beneficial effects which derive from the use of positive, realistic, wise and cooperative programs of thinking through audio recordings, which explain how the brain-mind-conscience complex works.
  • Developing a positive, rational and cooperative way of thinking, as well as a non-violent, co-operative attitude with the help of the audio recordings included in the program, which contain the information and motivational suggestions required to achieve this goal.
  • Learning and adopting the means of expression that uses non-violent, cooperative language to prevent or eliminate conflicts, and approach situations in a rational, positive, cooperative way.
  • Learning self-control and meditation techniques that affect the brain in a positive and healthy way, and can generate a drama-free, non-aggressive and cooperative attitude.


“Journeys to the land of happiness”

 A.E.H.M has designed an audio program focused on children from orphanages. A set of 7 children therapeutic bed stories where created and provided in the form of CD-s and mp3-s designed to help orphans to develop a program of thinking based on positive thinking, self-love and self-confidence as well as an optimistic outlook on life. The program has been delivered to many orphanages and children in need from Romania. The program is currently provided in Romanian language and will be soon offered in English. Orphanages or houses for children can contact Dr. Elena Gabor at to receive the therapeutic bedtime stories for children,
If you wish to support our mission, to contribute in any way, including with monetary donations, please contact us by email at

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