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Home at the Tree of Life sheds light on the mysteries of consciousness, life and death, and the underlying causes of physical and mental conditions. It presents four people’s extraordinary journeys of self-discovery and healing from severe disorders without the use of prescription medication.
Dr. Gabor’s pioneering techniques for exploring the subconscious and superconscious levels of consciousness helped her clients to open new and unexpected doors into the fascinating realms of past lives and the afterlife, gain access and explore the universe where all souls are originated from, and access the universal mind/ The Source. The health and spiritual growth benefits of using these techniques are remarkable.
In this book you will find answers to questions such as:
* Who are we?
* Why don’t we remember where we came from?
* What is our purpose on Earth?
* What are diseases and how can we heal ourselves?
* Why is there suffering on Earth?
* What happens during sleep?
* Where do we go after the physical death, what does that universe look like and what do we do there?
* What is the difference between soul and spirit?
* Who are Spiritual Guides and what is their purpose?
* Who or what is The Source and how can it be accessed?
* Where does the increased number of souls come from?
* What is the future of our planet?






“This remarkable book takes you on an incredible journey into the spiritual dimension where you’ll discover life-altering answers to universal questions of life and existence. It will change your perceptions of reality!”
Dan Lux, Executive Producer
“In her book Home at the Tree of Life Dr. Gabor gives us first person account of events as they happened with her clients, opening up our understanding of where we’re really from. This book answers the tough questions the mind yearns to validate and gives a glimpse beyond the limited physical, putting us back into the land of all possibilities.”
Theodoros Kousouli, D.C., C.Ht.,
“Dr. Gabor explores the infinite wisdom of the soul and its journey through many lifetimes. Fascinating, insightful and full of wisdom, this book sheds light on the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It will change your life! ”
Lisa Gizara, Photographer and painter,
“It is said that some people read and fall asleep and others read and awaken. Home to the tree of life is the book that awoke me, that aroused my deepest feelings, that made me vibrate with every page and that has given me so many answers to existential questions. Home at tree of Life is a precious gift; it’s a book that changed my life. It’s hard to explain in words how, but I can tell that the change is memorable and irreversible. ”
Oana Huciu, MD, C.Ht
“I received with enthusiasm the emergence of Home on the Tree of Life in our medical literature. It is a novelty in this field. The book Home to The Tree of Life provides an overview of consciousness in the light of dr. Gabor’s experiences with her clients  through regression sessions or using other subconscious therapy techniques. Bringing answers to questions that mankind has asked for millennia, this book invites to self-exploration and experimentation, and leads to discovering a more profound “I”, the I that truly defines us.
We often look for the sources of our diseases or problems outside of us and forgot to direct our attention to the body and soul, but the ancients knew very well that you cannot treat your body without treating the soul. I’m convinced, just like this book suggests, that the diseases of the body are caused by unresolved emotional conflicts locked into the subconscious.
Dr. Gabor’s book brings the forgotten information, not unknown, only forgotten, that we are the best doctors for ourselves. The requirement is to access that inner healer and listen to him, and not necessarily turn outward and seek solutions outside. As they say, the problem comes in the same package with the solution, only that we do not see it; but the solution is within us. From my perspective as a psychiatrist, Dr. Gabor’s book, alongside the work of other top researchers in the field of consciousness, opens new perspectives for approaching the soul suffering, as well as other forms of suffering including medical ailment and aims to sensitize young psychiatrists to discover these new therapeutic valences.”
Psychiatrist Adriana Suteu, MD
 “Dr. Elena Gabor’s pioneering work Home at the Tree of Life provides readers with a rare glimpse into the fascinating and mysterious journey of the human soul. The mastery of her work creates a bridge from the physical world to the ethereal and celestial realms. Her exploration of the subconscious and superconscious mind through hypnosis creates a synthesis of divine incarnation, guiding clients and readers alike to the roots of our eternal Home.
Dr. Gabor’s hypnotherapy bares rich fruit as she takes her readers on a journey through the mysteries of unconscious wisdom. Based on the clinical histories of her clients, Home at the Tree of Life reveals the personal journey of four people’s exploration of their subconscious universe and their soul’s journey back to Source, the inevitable healing that comes from courageously exploring the inner life and the wisdom gained through exploration-hypnosis. Her engaging book has the ability to deliver readers to the gateway of eternity and divinity that lies deep within of each one of us.”
John Sanders, Psy.D.t., C.Ht.

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“Reading Home at The Tree of Life provides adventurous insight to the human spiritual experience! Our true home (when we’re not here on Earth) is absolutely amazing (some say it’s “Heaven!”), and knowing more about it and why we are here – given this gift of a lifetime – provides a peace and perspective that is sure to benefit all students of enlightenment! Without the noise of religious doctrine or distortion of human interpretation that often clouds answers and masks the true gift and blessing that life is, this book quenches intellectual thirst while feeding your spiritual self in a way that can only provide peace in understanding. I learned much by following Mia’s story here, and the questions posed by Dr. Gabor were perfect in satisfying my boundless curiosity about so many aspects of life, love, and the very mystery of all that is… I highly recommend this book for everyone feeling a call to ultimate understanding, as I do. The book will provide many answers and food for thought and spiritual growth for a long time to come. Thank you, Elena, for sharing this experience with the world, and I am eagerly anticipating the next book in your series! ”
Joseph Wolfgram, CTO, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA
“Home at the Tree of Life is a divinely guided tapestry that interweaves the mysteries of life after death, what happens in between lives, and the life transforming healing that takes place at the Tree of Life, through hypnosis.
This book follows where psychiatrist Brian Weiss left off, only this is more in depth than his book Many Lives, Many Masters. It leaves the reader with the knowledge that change and healing are possible as Dr. Gabor parts the veil between worlds, and gives the readers and her clients a glimpse at their true souls. She equips her readers with tools needed to create positive shifts, life altering changes, and the education to eradicate fear and negativity from their daily lives. She helps each client find their way to the Tree of Life, and discover their deepest truths so they can live the lives they have always desired. Readers will be left with the knowledge to manifest their own lives that are filled with deep joy, light and unconditional love.
This amazing book is easy to read and is hard to put down. It is a must read for anyone who is searching for more out of life. ”
Carolyn J. Brown, M.F.T., C.H.t., MSgt, USAF (ret.)
“This book has surprised me first of all by its title: Home to the Tree of Life. What does this title tells us? “Let’s go back to the origins, let’s turn within, let us nurture from the primordial energy, let’s talk to our Self.”
Besides offering answers to many questions, this book has a great quality: it elevates the art of questioning. It makes us ask our Self questions such as “Who am I?” and invites us to introspection, suggesting that the answers exist within us.
What topics that this book addresses should I tell you about? Should I tell you about the journey of healing, the therapies used, who we truly are, what the disease really is? The disease is treated admirably in this book. Should I talk to you about the fluidity of the dialogue or the beauty and clarity of the answers? All these are available to all who read this book.
I warmly recommend Home to the Tree of Life. It will change your life.”
Cardiologist Dan Farcas, MD



“This is the most amazing, life changing book I have ever read.”
Helen B.,USA
“I can honestly say that no other book has affected me so profoundly as this one has. The contents are pure platinum!
Steven Graham, Tarzana, CA, USA
“This book was a revelation! I found it enlightening and answered many questions about life and existence. The journeys of exploration of the subconscious and the wisdom gained are incredible.”
“This is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I am grateful, it has helped me tremendously.”
Rachael, USA
“This book has changed my life. The superconscious accessibility that this book introduces could one day change the medical and psychiatric industries.”
Janel Hartwell, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
“This book is a great read. We have reached a time where modern western medicine simply is not enough to heal human illnesses. We all know it is not the answer anymore. It must be incorporated with healing the human spirit and the energy body as this book so clearly states.”
Maleya T., Los Angeles, CA, USA
“Who knew that you can be cured without drugs and endless therapy? Apparently it’s the subconscious and superconscious that hold the answers to our problems. Dr. Gabor is doing brilliant work that can change the world.”
Robin L., Maple Valley, WA, USA
“An incredible and priceless life changing experience. A must if you are truly ready to take yourself on and make a shift to elevate your quality of life!”
Cynthia Martin, Pasadena, CA, USA
“Many truths are told in this humble book. I would suggest it to all those who seek higher knowledge and truth.”
Ken, Wilton Manors, FL, United States
“This book is awakening, enlightening, confirming and healing infused with Chi unconditional Love.”
Mwikali H., Los Angeles, CA, USA
“I couldn’t have wished for a better travel companion in my pocket. It’s as if the book itself is charged with a golden light energy and simply by reading it, it has a healing effect on you.”
Natascha B., Germany
“I consider myself fairly well informed on the topics of past lives and the time between incarnations, but this book provided a body of information and insight far beyond anything I had read to date.”
Crystal R., Santa Monica, CA, USA
“Having read a lot from this genre, it’s not often that I find a book whose words can literally be felt as the truth. I don’t write reviews, but was moved enough by this beautiful, enlightening and uplifting book to do so. This book deserves a spot on my shelf near by my few best reads.”
J.G., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
“I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned a lot about self-healing and trying to live a more abundant, fulfilling life. This book changed my perspective on my purpose in life and how I need to find my joy.”
J.J., Ford Meade, MD, USA
“This book is just amazing. It is hard to put it down and it’s very healing It makes you feel hopeful and forgiving towards yourself and others. The prospective of the universe and “after life” is fascinating.”
Lisa, Los Angeles, CA, USA
“This is a wonderful visual and spiritual ride through human lives and other realms. It is an enjoyable read that helped me put life’s trials in perspective and the ideas expressed in here ring true for me. Definitely worth your time!”
LA Reader
“When we open the pages and read the revelations from Home at the Tree of Life, we are compelled to verify their truths in our own being. We can’t just read this book and set it down, these are profound and beautiful messages that we all know at heart, and that we all need to remember.”
Angela Freychet, Australia
“This is an amazing book! I couldn’t put this book down. It leaves you continually wanting to know more and more! As you read the profound wisdom from the “Masters” you will begin to have a higher understanding of exactly what this thing called “Life” is really about…”
Raymond Martinez., Ontario, CA, USA
“This book is written from the heart and soul, and, in a simplified way, answers many questions. A must read! If you have read Dr. Newton, Dr. Weiss and others, you should read Dr. Gabor’s work! Or even if you have not read on this subject.”
Amazon Customer, Descanso, CA, USA
“This book has provided me with answers to lifelong questions. The stories the author has documented in the book coincide with what we are learning about non-local communication and quantum physics. Having studied Edgar Cayce’s work for many years, I have often wondered “where is the next Cayce?” While Dr. Gabor does not receive information as a conduit herself as Cayce did, she has been able to make direct contact to higher levels of consciousness through her patients. Using the information received, she has been able to assist people with some very serious physical and emotional issues. Truly an amazing read!”
Terry T.,  WA, USA
“In her book, Dr. Gabor takes a scientific approach in exploring areas often dismissed as “new age.” Learning about the subconscious mind, our true selves and past lives is not only fascinating, but also can provide new perspective on issues facing us today. Start reading!”
Zach L., Los Angeles, CA, USA
“As an engineer and quantum field theorist, I can say that this book impacted my life and research tremendously. Dr. Gabor picked up where others (Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dolores Cannon, Louise Hay) left off in much more depth. Explore this fascinating world yourself by reading Home at the Tree of Life.”
George K., Los Angeles, CA, USA
“This book was great. I couldn’t put it down. It was a fast and easy read, but will keep me thinking about the concepts long after I have read it. There were a few jaw dropping moments as well. I highly recommend it!”
Sal M., Los Angeles, CA, USA
“I always wondered what is the connection between the “out there” and “here”, and Dr. Elena Gabor with her book gave me shivers running through my spine. I am very, very inspired to start my own journey and realize who I am. Thank you Dr. Gabor!”
Amazon customer, USA
“This book help me in my healing process and was an answer to my prayers for a deeper connection and understanding of my relationship with the Source of All that Is. I encourage anyone seeking a true divine connection to definitely READ THE BOOK! In my life it has been a wonderful help for “this life journey”. I am forever grateful!”
Brandy C., Florida, USA




Dr. Elena Gabor is the president of European Association of Medical Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Therapy. Dr. Gabor has made a lifetime commitment to help people recover from physical and emotional ailments. She started her training as a Medical Doctor in 1989 in Europe, followed by the Medical Doctor of Stomatology training (the equivalent of Doctor of Dental Medicine in the U. S.) and the residency program in general stomatology. 
After 10 years of practicing dentistry in Europe, Dr. Gabor discovered the amazing benefits of involving different levels of consciousness in healing. She became a specialist in subconscious science and a researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purpose of personal growth, healing, exploring and obtaining insights into the human psyche. 
Dr. Gabor holds Certifications in Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression Therapy, Hypno-Coaching and Personal Development Coaching. She is a member of the U.S. National Guild of Hypnotists and an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor. She is also a Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Hypnotherapy Instructor for the European Association of Medical Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Therapy.
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