European Association of Medical Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Therapy (A.E.H.M) is a professional association created to promote and advance the field of hypnotherapy and subconscious therapy. (Subconscious therapy includes all the therapies and techniques that address the subconscious aspect of the human being).
A.E.H.M offers professional training (programs/ certification courses) in hypnotherapy, in the following areas:
– Medical Hypnotherapy
– Dental Hypnotherapy
– Hypnotherapy for Personal Development
– Spiritual Hypnotherapy  (Past Life Regression Therapy and Analysis and Life between Lives Regression).
The association does not provide training in hypno-psychotherapy and hypno-psychoanalysis.
A.E.H.M supports the creation and implementation of a new medical specialty in the medical field called subconscious medicine, to handle medical problems caused by subconscious diseases. This area is not addressed neither in medicine nor in psychology.
A.E.H.M provides a platform for collaboration between professionals in medical, dental and psychological fields, alternative therapy, personal development and spiritual development practitioners, and between them and patients (population). The association promotes an attitude of cooperation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience for the benefit of patients (population), as well as for the advancement of the art of healing and maintaining optimal health. The association encourages a progressive and innovative attitude and thinking of the medical and psychological professionals, supporting research and development of new techniques and therapeutic approaches that involve the higher levels of consciousness in healing.


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